This is the ninth in a series of Heat Pump 101 videos from instructor and author, John Siegenthaler, P.E.. “Water-to-Air Heat Pumps” was the previous lesson in the series. You can enroll in John’s Heat Pump 101 course for free to learn the very basics of heat pumps in less than an hour.

Water-to-Water heat pumps are the most commonly used heat pump in geothermal applications combined with low temperature hydronic distribution systems

They are:

  • Mounted indoors
  • Pre-charged with refrigerant at factory
  • Single unit common in average residential application
  • Multiple units common in commercial applications
  • Available for single phase or 3-phase power
  • Some units equipped with “desuperheater” to heat domestic water whenever compressor is running.

The next video in this series describes how air-to-water heat pumps work. If you want to see that video now or jump ahead to the others, you can find them all in John Siegenthaler’s free Heat Pump 101 course.