How to Start Your Registered Apprenticeship Program” is a free course where we distill a confusing topic (solar apprenticeships) down into actionable steps. If people are crucial to the success of your business, we hope you’ll join us for this recorded panel discussion with Q&A. The recording is available to all who register.

HeatSpring is a champion for solar companies that want to use apprenticeships, internships, and learning paths as a competitive advantage. The companies that do this are the most admired.  Our job is to lower the cost of upskilling your team by providing templates, courses, curriculum and software.

Registered Apprenticeship Programs Aren’t Actually That Complicated

Solar companies are scrambling to comply with new prevailing wage and apprenticeship labor requirements. The laws and rules are confusing, even for smart people. Our goal in this course is to break it down into simple, actionable steps that a normal person can understand. In this free course, we cover two things:

  1. How to comply with the new regulations as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  2. How to go beyond compliance and use career development as a competitive advantage.

This course includes presentations from each of the three panelists, followed by a recording of the live audience Q&A.

Panelists & Moderator:

Do You Need a Registered Apprenticeship Program?

Not every company needs a Registered Apprenticeship Program. Here’s a simple tool to help you understand the new regulations and whether your company needs to have apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are a really great model for employee development, even if you aren’t required to have them. Some of the most fun work we do is helping companies put programs in place that look a lot like apprenticeships, but without all of the bureaucracy. It turns out, people love knowing what they can do to advance in their careers. They love having the ability to learn and grow and earn certifications and make more money. You can call these things apprenticeships or you can just call them good leadership.

Whether you’re required to have an apprenticeship program or are just opting into an employee development program that echos the apprenticeship model, we’re fired up to help you make it happen.

Why Bother Creating a Registered Apprenticeship Program?

Many companies will outsource the apprenticeship thing. You can work with union subcontractors or pay for a membership with ABC or look for another local organization that has electrical apprenticeship programs up and running already. That may be the best short-term solution for your company as you’re hiring people and growing and overwhelmed. 

But this isn’t rocket science – the steps are actually pretty easy. The hard part is recruiting good people, getting them to show up every day for two years, employing the mentors, etc. It’s really hard. But that’s what you’ll be doing anyway…you can’t get away from that. And since you’re doing the hardest parts already, why not do the easy parts and control your own culture and destiny?

Whatever you decide to do for employee development, our value is in minimizing the cost of building and maintaining a company with a soul. To maximize your return on people – not just in dollars – also time, efficacy, and impact on the business.

We hope to see you in class, and if you want to connect on any of this stuff, fill out this form and I will get back to you myself.