Did you know that there is funding available from your local workforce development board to upskill your staff? There is! In most areas, it’s called incumbent worker training, but the program titles can vary depending on your local workforce board. 

Incumbent worker training programs are designed to provide direct financial support to train your current staff to prevent a layoff and/or to improve the competitiveness of your business. Essentially, these programs will reimburse eligible businesses for approved training relevant to the success of your team. Oftentimes, the training is required to result in certification or accreditation for the employees. 

How exactly the program operates is tied to local guidelines and it’s important to connect with your local workforce board to get the program rules as they apply in your area. Typically, the program will offset all or some of the training program costs, while the employer covers employee wages while training. Most programs are set up in a way where the company has some skin in the game, meaning that companies are expected to support the training one way or another. 

While previously employed as a Workforce Manager at a solar installer, I submitted an application through the local program in Denver – Skill Advance Colorado Job Training Grant (formerly the CO Existing Industry Grant). Our small team of 14 was awarded over $13,000 for staff to take advanced solar coursework, take the NABCEP PV Associate exam, renew NABCEP professional certifications, take electrical coursework, and get drone pilot licenses with the FAA. Bringing in the supplemental funding allowed for every staff member at that organization to get meaningful training to build morale and long-term employment opportunities for the individuals while also boosting credentials and capacity for the company.

To get started, search incumbent worker training and your location. Once you find your local workforce entity, they should provide more information on the specifics for your local program, an application, and an office or person who can address your questions. 

If you are interested in capitalizing on this training opportunity for your team and would like to include HeatSpring coursework, please reach out at brit@heatspring.com. We’re happy to provide documentation to support your application and its implementation. You can learn all about the HeatSpring for Teams program benefits.