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Sales and marketing is key to a profitable renewable energy company. We write sales and marketing posts that teach companies how to find their first project, leverage their first projects into more projects, and how to find the best customer, and quote a job profitably.

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“Bring me tariffs!” U.S. Solar Industry Braces After ITC Ruling

Friday the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) issued its decision finding “a substantial cause of serious injury to the domestic industry” due to dumping of low cost Chinese solar panels in the U.S. market. By the “domestic industry” the ITC means U.S. solar manufacturers, frustratingly they continue to ignore the implications of this decision on […]

New Course Format – Solar Business Masterclass

We are excited to introduce a new course format, developed by veteran HeatSpring instructor Keith Cronin. We are now accepting enrollments in Keith’s Solar Business Masterclass. In 2011 Keith helped us develop what would become our most popular course, the Solar Executive MBA Training. He has interacted with and taught thousands of solar professionals from […]

How Do You Address the Biggest Challenge Facing Solar Companies Today?

The meteoric rise in solar deployment over the past 10 years didn’t necessarily lead to successful solar companies, says Keith Cronin, founder of SunHedge, based in Kailua, Hawaii and instructor for Heatspring’s Solar Executive MBA Training.

As the solar industry grew, many companies weren’t making money. The problem: They were too focused on growth.

“Companies, many with five […]

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How to Get the Word Out About Your Solar Company

Getting the word out about your solar company can seem like a daunting task in today’s marketplace. Solar companies servicing a growing number of needs are popping up and disappearing at a rapid rate.

However, by being creative, sharing your story and beliefs and educating your potential customers, you’ll be sure to stand out, says Keith […]

August 28th, 2017|Categories: Solar Business Growth, Solar Sales & Marketing||

The Trump Administration is Expected to Keep the Solar ITC on Track; Here’s How to Best Take Advantage of it

With the Trump administration pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement and scuttling the Clean Power Plan, many in the solar industry wonder whether the schedule of the Investment Tax Credit phase-out for solar projects will be changed.

A number of renewable energy experts say the answer is no; the administration is not expected to alter […]