Solar capacity in the United States is expected to grow at unprecedented rates. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association and Wood Mackenzie, over the next 5 years, the industry is expected to install nearly 200 GW of new solar capacity across all sectors, more than doubling the amount of solar currently installed.

This is a huge opportunity for solar companies to grow. With so many companies vying for this new business, how will your company set itself apart from the masses?

In this free webinar, Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Solar Business, solar marketing experts from across the industry join a conversation to talk about what they have tried and tested throughout their career along with tips for how you can apply some of their lessons learned to your own growing solar business. Each panelist will give a short presentation, followed by an opportunity for the audience to get their questions answered live. 

Let’s meet our panelists!

Bill Hoelzer

Bill is a marketing professional with more than 10-years of experience in solar and energy efficiency. He runs Volta Strategies, a marketing partner for residential solar installers. Volta Strategies is best known for helping solar installers grow profitably by doing more business through word-of-mouth and digital marketing. 

Bill will be sharing tips to make it easy and automatic to ask customers for referrals after their projects. Then, he’ll share how to stay in touch with them by sending a regular newsletter – which is key to referrals and repeat business over time. Companies can use newsletter content to connect with even more people via Google search.

Gustavo Arce 

Gustavo is currently the Marketing Director at Creative Solar, the oldest solar company in Georgia, but his solar marketing career didn’t begin there. He will also be sharing about his experience working with a brand new solar company that went from nothing to $500,000 in revenue in year one. Gustavo will touch on building a better brand with design, information, emails, and video as well as how newer companies in the industry can compete in the marketplace. 

Melanie C. Kelly 

Melanie C. Kelly is an ESG-focused marketing and client experience executive that nurtures startups into industry-leading companies by developing unique human-centered brands and marketing strategies. With 20 years of marketing experience and nine years in the solar industry, she’s supported organizations through high growth periods by leading acquisition and retention campaigns, developing strong company cultures, change management strategies, and operational processes that help teams and scale with growth. 

Melanie is Pivot Energy‘s Vice President of Marketing. Her efforts have gained Pivot recognition in top-tier publications like Forbes and Bloomberg, and the company has seen a 180% increase in installed solar capacity. In her earlier career, she was a community solar pioneer, setting the standard for industry-wide subscription language and leading campaigns that resulted in over 8,000 residential community solar subscribers in 9 months, equaling over 80 MW of ground-mounted photovoltaic projects.

Melanie will be discussing how she has used content marketing and targeting to support Pivot’s growth over the years.

Charlie Saginaw

Charlie is a Solar Customer Experiences Sales Specialist with Bodhi. Bodhi is a design-focused software company with a mission to cultivate the bond between people and the energy that powers their lives. He will be discussing how referrals are one of the best ways to lower customer acquisition costs.

Customers of Bodhi report that close rates for referrals are about 50%, compared to only 2-5% for non-exclusive purchased leaders. It’s not surprising why one of their clients refers to these purchased leads as “trash.”

Charlie will be diving into one of the most important questions – how can your customers who are thinking of referring a friend actually do it? To answer that questions, he’ll be sharing ideas on automation strategy, customer lifetime value in solar, and how to capture referrals at scale.

This free webinar happened live on Zoom. The recording will be available after the live event. Register here whether you plan to attend live or watch at a later date.