How to Measure Demand for Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Your Area

Your organization might want to break into the renewable energy fields — you may be considering geothermal and solar installation or energy auditing, but you might not know if you should take the plunge. You must determine: is there demand?

The truth is, most times it may not be a good idea to invest in training until you know whether or not […]

Get LoopLink RLC Certified and Become a Geothermal Designer!

The Geothermal Designer Boot Camp + LoopLink™ RLC course is a joint effort between Geo-Connections and HeatSpring designed to make experienced geothermal system designers – expert geothermal system designers.

The goal of the program is to reward industry professionals who have taken the time and effort to educate themselves by recognizing them with this unique distinction and ultimately […]

Three Things You May Not Know About Solar PV Sales

Is it really that difficult to sell solar PV, or do some professionals just make it seem that way?  If you consider the financial incentives for investing (and that’s definitely the right word for it) in clean energy, coupled with ever-increasing utility rates, you would think customers would be lining up to buy solar PV.  […] – A Vibrant Online Community for Heating Professionals

Have you ever heard of Last year I had several people I really respect, longtime contractors in the HVAC business, tell me about it.  I figured I better check it out… is filled with technical information about heating systems, both new and old.  Dan Holohan runs the site and he has a knack for […]

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Top Five Ways to Spot a Bad Roof in a Solar Site Assessment

Before being able to install solar panels on any roof, performing a solar site assessment is critical in order to properly design a solar system.

From a sales perspective, it is key to know what to look for instead of wasting any time on roofs that are not well suited for a solar system.

Although spotting a […]