Have you ever heard of HeatingHelp.com? Last year I had several people I really respect, longtime contractors in the HVAC business, tell me about it.  I figured I better check it out…


HeatingHelp.com is filled with technical information about heating systems, both new and old.  Dan Holohan runs the site and he has a knack for telling great stories that contain valuable lessons.  He clearly loves the topic and has a rare ability to infect readers with that same passion.  It’s fun to watch.


HeatingHelp.com also contains a very active discussion board with over 32,000 members. Some of the brightest people in the HVAC industry visit there each day, and they’re always willing to share what they know. And if you’d like to learn more, stop by the store where you will find books by Dan and other industry professionals that will make you even smarter.


One of the best parts of HeatingHelp.com is its Library. This is where you can find hundreds of PDFs and links to old books. If you run into something old and weird in the field, chances are you’ll find the original literature for that device in the HeatingHelp.com Library. The Virtural Trade Show at HeatingHelp.com is a good place to see what’s new in the industry, and to discover manufacturers you may not have seen before.


My conclusion is that my friends were exactly right – there’s some magic in what Dan Holohan’s has built with HeatingHelp.com. If you have even a passing interest in the HVAC industry it’s definitely worth checking out.


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