The Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit – Is it refundable?

Essentially every single homeowner in U.S. who purchases a solar PV system for their home is going to be applying for the Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit (also often called the Investment Tax Credit or ITC), currently a 30% federal tax credit. Solar sales professionals need to understand the basics of this tax credit, so […]

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New Course Announcement: Electric Transmission and Solar PV Interconnection Bundle

U.S. utility-scale solar installations in 2023 totaled 22.5 GW, an increase of 77% compared to 2022, according to SEIA and Wood Mackenzie. The numbers are expected to continue to increase thanks to the tax incentives and long-term certainty from the Inflation Reduction Act. 

That means firms across the U.S. are scaling up their capacity and their […]

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Energy Storage Policy – a Look at the Most Recent States with Energy Storage Goals

Energy storage is an imperative part of a renewable energy future. Storage provides significant benefits to our electric grid like increased reliability, increased resilience, cost savings, the ability to integrate diverse energy sources, and lessening our impact on the environment through reduced emissions.

Increasing energy storage capacity will be integral to achieving our climate and economic […]

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Five Reasons to Join HeatSpring for NABCEP PV Associate Training at the 2022 NABCEP CE Conference

Are you looking to start or advance your career in solar energy this year? Are you hoping to level up your solar knowledge by gaining the NABCEP Associate credential and beyond? Do you want to build your expertise in one of the fastest growing energy sectors? 

If you answered yes to any or all of the […]

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The Quiet Revolution: Solar-Plus-Storage Gains Ground

In some parts of the country, the costs of solar-plus-storage are beating grid prices, which is good news for the solar industry and the environment.

For example, in Nevada, regulators in 2019 approved three solar-plus-storage power purchase agreements (PPA) for  Berkshire Hathaway Energy ranging from $31/MWh to $37/MWh. In comparison, levelized prices for grid power now […]

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