Crowd Funding Meets Carbon Reduction

CarbonCrowd is a crowd funding platform for individuals who want to take part in climate change reversal. We spoke to Co-founder and CEO Henry Sims about it…

How does it work?
People too often feel powerless when it comes to climate change reversal. There’s a sense that the problem is too big for any one individual to […]

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Explaining the Value of Solar to Customers

With such a long list of benefits, you’d think solar panels would sell themselves. But many potential customers still need convincing before they can make the jump to green living. As beneficial as solar panels are for reducing a household’s carbon footprint and increasing its energy efficiency, the cold, hard facts about the benefits of […]

The IREC 2010 US Solar Trends Report, 3 Things It Means for Solar Contractors.

A few week’s ago, I wrote about SEIA’s solar market research and what this means for you,  the solar contractor. Recently, IREC released their annual solar market report with the optimistic title: “Solar Markets in the US: Big, Booming, And Oh So Bright”

I wanted to share with you a few highlights directly from the report, feel free to read it all if you want, and digest some of the information into what you should walk away with 3 critical takeaways.  Read past the break for full details and join HeatSpring on facebook to keep up to date on events, tips, resources and news. If you’re a clean energy professional, request to join HeatSpring’s linkedin group for Clean Energy Professionals


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Top Five Ways to Spot a Bad Roof in a Solar Site Assessment

Before being able to install solar panels on any roof, performing a solar site assessment is critical in order to properly design a solar system.

From a sales perspective, it is key to know what to look for instead of wasting any time on roofs that are not well suited for a solar system.

Although spotting a […]