The Geothermal Designer Boot Camp + LoopLink™ RLC course is a joint effort between Geo-Connections and HeatSpring designed to make experienced geothermal system designers – expert geothermal system designers.

LoopLink Certification - HeatSpring

The goal of the program is to reward industry professionals who have taken the time and effort to educate themselves by recognizing them with this unique distinction and ultimately helping them to connect with homeowners looking for qualified designers.

How to Become LoopLink Certified

To become a LoopLink Certified designer, you must pass an intensive six week online course: Geothermal Designer Boot Camp + LoopLink RLC Certification The class is designed as a hands on training for those that already have experience in the geothermal heating and cooling field.

Why Get LoopLink Certified?

In addition to the advanced education you receive through the Geothermal Designer Boot Camp training LoopLink Certified Designers enjoy the following benefits:

  • A free year of LoopLink just for signing up for the class (a $395.00 value)
  • A 20% discount on LoopLink renewals for the life of your subscription.
  • Use of the LoopLink Certified Seal on your web site.
  • Automatic addition of the LoopLink Certified Seal to your LoopLink Project Summaries.
  • Ability to include an additional report page informing your customers of the benefits to choosing you over an uncertified competitor.
  • Inclusion in our soon to be released index of geothermal system designers directory for homeowners.

Why Hire LoopLink Certified Designers?

Choosing the right system designer for you geothermal heating and cooling system is a crucial first step toward assuring your future comfort and long-term financial savings.

LoopLink™ Certified Designers have recognized that a residential/light commercial geothermal system deserves the same attention to detail afforded to a commercial design. This ensures the lowest cost of operation, minimizes system maintenance and guarantees the highest level of comfort within your space over the life of your system.

By selecting a LoopLink Certified Designer, you can breathe easy knowing your designer:

  • Has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of residential and light commercial geothermal system design.
  • Is trained and qualified in the use of LoopLink for the completion of design calculations and the creation of project summaries.
  • Understands and can justify specific equipment selections and their impact on the performance of your geothermal system.

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