Enrollment is way up at HeatSpring, but if we’re going to train millions of people for clean energy jobs, we’ve got to keep getting better. This is a series of articles, papers, and free courses to help learners, instructors, training leaders, and educators level-up their game.

New Product Launch? Don’t Forget the People Part

You can’t just launch a product and expect to be successful. You know that. But companies do it all the time – they spend millions of dollars creating an amazing new thing that never takes off. Even really great products can fail.  

Just ask Anthony Wood. Before he founded Roku, Anthony created ReplayTV, an earlier and […]

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61% of Solar Power World’s Top Contractors use HeatSpring for Employee Learning

Solar Power World produces an annual list of top solar contractors in the U.S. They rank EPCs, subcontractors, and developers by installation volume for the previous year. In 2022 there were 411 solar contractors on the list, and 251 of them use HeatSpring for Teams for all or some of their employee learning. That’s 61%.

Learning […]

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Using Apprenticeships to Meet a Dire Need for Skilled and Licensed Electricians: ReVision Energy

Launching a Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) at your company can initially seem daunting. It requires intention and consistency as the structure for apprentice training and development is created and implemented. If your team is just starting their journey into RAPs, it can be helpful to hear from companies who have launched impactful programs and are […]

Understanding Registered Apprenticeship Program Standards: Solar Technician Example

Casey Coghlan understands all the ins and outs of Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs). Before she worked as a Colorado Apprenticeship Consultant, Casey worked on the employer side of apprenticeship equation where she built a RAP for a construction company. Through that experience, she learned firsthand how straightforward and beneficial structured workforce development programs, like RAPs, […]

Exploring Sponsorship Options for Your Registered Apprenticeship Program

There are four key roles within Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) – employers, sponsors (also known as administrators), Related Technical Instruction (RTI) providers, and supportive services. Registered Apprenticeship Programs can be developed under different sponsors. In HeatSpring’s free course, How to Start Your Registered Apprenticeship Program, Becky Long from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) shares […]