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What are the Types of Manufacturer Warranties?

Product Warranties. Performance warranties. Labor and installation support warranties. There’s a lot to compare when evaluating solar components for your projects. 

When home or business owners choose to invest in a solar energy system, the warranties provided by the manufacturers are often crucial considerations from their perspective as well. Solar product warranties protect your customers’ investments […]

What’s the Difference Between a Product and Performance PV Module Warranty?

Manufacturer warranties on solar PV modules instill confidence for homeowners as well as for the companies who install them. These warranties provide assurance regarding the durability and energy output of solar modules, offering protection against defects and performance degradation over time. Understanding the terms of these warranties is essential so that you can properly explain […]

What is the Purpose of Manufacturer’s Warranties?

When prospective solar customers are making financial decisions about their solar equipment, understanding the purpose and coverage of manufacturer warranties is crucial for ensuring peace of mind and long-term reliability. These warranties serve as a promise from manufacturers to stand behind their products, offering protection against defects, performance issues, and unexpected failures. 

In the video and […]

The Ultimate Guide to NABCEP’s New Energy Storage Installation Professional (ESIP) Certification

The NABCEP Energy Storage Installation Professional (ESIP) Board Certification was created for experienced energy storage professionals who have demonstrated knowledge in energy storage system development, design, installation, commissioning and decommissioning, and operation & maintenance (O&M). Successful ESIP candidates work in a variety of roles in PV and energy storage.

Are you ready to demonstrate your expertise […]

2024 Solar & Storage Conferences – Will You Be There?

After a few years with no in-person gatherings during the pandemic, solar and storage conferences have been slowly coming back in 2023 and certainly now in full force in 2024. Conferences are great because not only do they support professional development by providing top notch educational sessions including the latest industry insights, technological advancements, and […]