I want to share some interesting stats about jobs in utility-scale solar, from IREC’s Annual Solar Job Census, which they’ve just published in July 2023:

65% of all solar jobs are doing installation & project development work, and about half of those jobs are on bigger projects: commercial and utility-scale solar.

97% of solar companies say that it’s difficult to find good people to hire, and leadership roles are where they struggle the most. They can’t find enough good candidates.

In spite of that, very few companies provide structured mentorship programs to develop talent from within the company. 62% of these solar companies have no formal mentorship program in place.

This is what Andy Nyce is trying to solve for. He’s offering a free course where you can learn more about what it means to be a site superintendent, project manager, and other leadership roles in utility-scale solar. If you decide it’s a path you’d like to take, Andy is offering structured education and mentorship through a career bridge program called: Leadership in Utility-Scale Solar Construction.

You can enroll as an individual, or if you think this is something your company could use to develop talent, you can enroll as an organization through our free HeatSpring for Teams program.