Q+A with Solar Thermal Expert Bob Ramlow: Hard Water Issues, PV Powered Solar Thermal and Air Venting

Bob Ramlow answers student questions about solar thermal. He tackles hard water, PV powered solar thermal systems, and best practices for air vent installations.

Is hard water an issue with closed loop solar thermal systems?
Are solar PV powered solar thermal systems cheaper and easier to operate then traditional powered ones?
What are the best practices for placement of automatic air vents in solar thermal systems?


HeatingHelp.com – A Vibrant Online Community for Heating Professionals

Have you ever heard of HeatingHelp.com? Last year I had several people I really respect, longtime contractors in the HVAC business, tell me about it.  I figured I better check it out…

HeatingHelp.com is filled with technical information about heating systems, both new and old.  Dan Holohan runs the site and he has a knack for […]

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