Any residential solar installer in the Southwest and the coastal South can tell you that installing on tile roofs requires finesse and extra care. If your team is looking to enhance their skills and knowledge around solar installation on tile roofs, they should enroll in the new free K2 Pro Certified Installer Training | Tile Roofs course.

This comprehensive course, approved for 1 NABCEP CEU, is designed for solar installers and crews. Throughout the video lessons, students will gain in-depth knowledge and build their confidence to install solar systems on tile roofs.

The course starts by covering the basics of working with interlocking concrete tile roofs, which are common in most modern homes with tile roofs. The instructor, Johan Alfsen, explains how to assess roofs for solar suitability and explores different tile profiles like flat tiles, W-tiles, and the popular S-tiles with their higher profiles.

One example of an important tip is to step carefully on the lower edge of tiles where they overlap and are supported, rather than the center, to avoid cracking them. 

The course dives into properly installing attachments and mounting systems on different tile profiles. For S tiles, it’s possible to chip away the lug, but be careful that the tile doesn’t shatter. For flat and W tiles, using replacement tile flashings is often recommended.

Students will learn how to gently remove tiles during site visits by propping them up to relieve the interlocking pressure. This allows you to inspect the condition of the underlayment beneath, which is crucial since the tiles are not actually waterproof and the underlayment is the primary waterproofing layer.  Learning about the different underlayment types, like felt paper and synthetic underlayments, as well as understanding how to check for signs of water intrusion or deterioration will ensure the roof is in good condition for the install. 

The course is divided into three modules:

  1. Tile Roof Construction
  2. Roof Attachments for Tile Roofs  
  3. CrossRail with Tile Roof Mounts

Upon successful completion, learners receive a K2 Certified Pro Installer certificate, demonstrating their enhanced skills for qualifying and installing solar on tile roofs following best practices.

Whether you’re new to installing on tile or a seasoned pro, this free course offers a valuable opportunity to expand and refine your knowledge and skills. 

Enroll K2 Pro Certified Installer Training | Tile Roofs course for free today!