We all know that we need a lot more clean energy on the grid to curb climate change; although, it’s typically not easy knowing what exactly to do or where to start when it comes to clean energy project development. That’s where RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software can help – enabling professionals to build financially viable projects that reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Natural Resources Canada and HeatSpring have partnered up with instructor Michael Ross to develop the new What is RETScreen Expert? Benchmarking, Feasibility, Performance, & Portfolio course, where learners get an overview of RETScreen Expert, a powerful clean energy decision support software. In this free course, learners will delve into the capabilities of software while looking at a few key examples. 

What is RETScreen Expert?

RETScreen Expert is the latest version of clean energy decision support software designed to aid users in making informed decisions regarding energy projects. Developed by Natural Resources Canada, which is a part of the Government of Canada, RETScreen Expert is widely utilized worldwide (in 36 languages!) and is available for free download on the Windows platform. While the basic functionality is accessible in viewer mode, a subscription is required for full functionality.

What are RETScreen Expert’s Capabilities?

  • Benchmarking: Compare your facility’s energy usage with similar buildings to understand consumption patterns.
  • Feasibility Analysis: Determine the technical and financial viability of proposed energy projects.
  • Performance Analysis: Monitor ongoing projects to detect issues and assess performance against expectations.
  • Portfolio Analysis: Evaluate groupings of projects to gain insights at an aggregate level.
  • Data and Help: Access a wealth of data to enhance understanding of different technologies and apply insights to projects within or outside of RETScreen.

What’s Covered in This Course?

To illustrate the capabilities of RETScreen Expert, this course walks students through a series of examples related to energy efficiency for a small office building. The course surveys key steps in understanding clean energy projects, including using benchmarks to gain a first understanding of the energy consumption of the facility, investigating the profitability of proposed clean energy projects, tracking the performance of built projects, and managing a portfolio of facilities.  

A look at RETScreen Expert’s interface

RETScreen Expert’s Interface

RETScreen Expert’s user-friendly interface simplifies the analysis process. It harnesses advanced algorithms using a number of databases (like global climate data from NASA satellites) to simplify decision making. By following a step-by-step approach, users can input relevant data, such as location and facility details, to generate customized benchmarks and recommendations. The software provides visual representations of data, including climate information and energy consumption estimates, making it easier for users to interpret and analyze the results.

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RETScreen Expert is a dynamic tool that empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their clean energy projects. By leveraging its wide array of capabilities, users all over the world can analyze, optimize, and communicate project details effectively. 

Whether you are evaluating the feasibility of a new energy project or looking to enhance the performance of existing initiatives, RETScreen Expert offers a comprehensive suite of features to support your decision-making process. This new free What is RETScreen Expert? Benchmarking, Feasibility, Performance, & Portfolio course is a great introduction!