Solar construction job openings are growing faster than they are getting filled. In Deloitte’s 2024 Renewable Energy Industry Outlook, it is anticipated that there will be 22,972 annual solar construction jobs created over the next five years. At the same, there’s a half-a-million workforce shortage in the construction sector more broadly that could constrain the buildout. That signals a major opportunity for those looking to launch or advance their careers in the solar construction industry.

For folks looking to upskill in this sector, check out HeatSpring’s brand-new series: the Solar Construction Management & Safety Essentials Bundle. This two-course bundle provides comprehensive training by industry experts on key aspects of solar construction management and site safety protocols.

Andy Nyce‘s Utility Scale Solar Construction & Project Management course takes you on an in-depth exploration of the full life cycle – development, design, permitting, construction, and commissioning – of large-scale solar power plants. Gain a detailed understanding of each critical step and develop a working knowledge of the processes for transforming empty land into an operational solar facility.

Suitable for those joining the solar construction industry or transitioning from other sectors, this course covers the big picture of project management. Learn about job hazard analysis, major components and their functions, interconnection agreements, as-built documentation, construction sequences, onsite testing basics, and more from an instructor with well over 2GW of utility-scale solar experience. 

Learning about combiner boxes and all major components in the Utility Scale Solar Construction and Project Management course

Complement this with Tripper Gawan‘s Solar Construction Safety course, a comprehensive guide to safety protocols and best practices tailored specifically for solar installations of all scales – residential, commercial, and utility. In this course, students will explore real-world case studies, reference materials, and interactive assessments to reinforce theoretical knowledge.  

You’ll learn to identify and mitigate common hazards on solar construction sites through proven safety measures adhering to industry standards.

As an added bonus, both courses carry NABCEP CEUs.

Learning about hazard identification in the Solar Construction Safety course

Whether you’re a project manager, engineer, technician, installer, safety officer, or professional new to the solar industry, this bundle provides a robust educational experience covering construction processes and critical safety considerations anyone working in solar construction needs to know.

Enroll in the Solar Construction Management & Safety Essentials Bundle today!