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Installers: Put the Solar Breaker on the Opposite Side of the Main Breaker – Here’s Why

In this discussion board thread, Sean White explains why installers need to put the solar breaker on the opposite side of the main breaker. Please share your experience in the comments section below.
Could you please explain the reasoning behind your recommendation to put the solar breaker on the opposite side of the main breaker or […]

PPA Deal with 3 Investors: Questions to Ask to Model and Structure the PPA

When you’re working on a PPA deal with multiple investors you need to know each investor’s end goal and then structure the PPA accordingly. Do you need to consider a Partnership Flip or the Unstructured model returns? Here’s a discussion from our Solar Executive MBA training. Please share your experience with this type of deal in the comments […]

This Sustainable Scholar Has Lived Off-Grid for 30+ Years, Writes and Teaches About Renewable Energy

Ian Woofenden is the epitome of a HeatSpring Sustainable Scholar. He built his first solar greenhouse at the age of ten, has pedaled his bike more than 20,000 miles since selling his car five years ago, shares his knowledge and ideas as Senior Editor for Home Power Magazine, authored “Wind Power for Dummies,” co-authored “Power From the […]

Free Tool: 8 Key Considerations for the Electrical Design of Motors

Are you an engineer interested in the electrical design of motors?

According to Ken Lovorn, President and Chief Engineer at Lovorn Engineering, designing electrical systems for motors is far more than just multiplying the ampacity of the motor by a Code factor. It is important to carefully research the National Electrical Code and consider multiple factors […]

Ace the Green Roof Professional (GRP) Accreditation Exam: Free Practice Exam & Answer Key

Become a Green Roof Professional:
Are you looking to earn your Green Roof Professional (GRP) accreditation? Download a free practice exam and answer key created by Jordan Richie, Director of Education for Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. […]