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The Advantages of Adding Storage to Your Commercial Solar PV Design

In the article below, Christopher LaForge, IREC-Certified Master Trainer, NABCEP-Certified PV Installation Professional, and CEO of Great Northern Solar, provides detail about the advantages of adding storage to your commercial solar PV design.
Learning Takeaways:

By storing solar generation during the middle of the day and then using the stored solar generation at the end of the day […]

The Solar Developer’s Modeling Challenge: How Much Detail Is Enough?

In the article below, Chris Lord, HeatSpring’s expert instructor, outlines when and why detail in modeling cash flows from a renewable energy project really matters.
Key Takeaways:

Modeling forces us to confront the troubling “unknowns” about our project, and that implicates two curious aspects of human nature.
The purpose of modeling is to help us get a handle […]

Residential vs. Commercial Ground Loop Design Software Options

In this article, Ryan Carda, HeatSpring instructor and President of Geo-Connections, Inc., shares the differences between residential and commercial ground loop design software. Join his live webinar on August 19th at 10AM Central (see below for details).
Geo-Connections, Inc makes web-based ground loop design software, and we now have two products in our arsenal:

LoopLink RLC is for residential & light-commercial […]

SolarWorld Installer Summit in Portland, OR

The 2015 Installer Summit (Aug. 25-27) is an annual sales, marketing, and technical training event at SolarWorld’s U.S. manufacturing headquarters, in Portland, OR. This year SolarWorld will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary of US manufacturing so if you attend, you will also get access to their Blow-out 40th Anniversary dinner party. Find us at booth […]

Solar Women Summer Series: Teaching the Power of Solar

In this week’s Solar Women Summer Series feature, Signe Periera, seventh grade earth science teacher at Dedham Country Day School, shares how she’s teaching her students about solar energy.
Signe began her career in education in 1997 in Cambridge, MA. Signe has taught entomology, physics, chemistry, meteorology, astronomy, geology, human biology, ecology, and environmental science. For […]