What are the differences between grounding and bonding in solar design? What are the most recent codes? Where are the codes headed? What are some of the changes that have happened? What does it mean for you and your installations?

In this free 20-minute video lesson, Ryan Mayfield identifies the key 2014 NEC code sections for PV system grounding and bonding and outlines general requirements of Article 250 – beginning part of code for Grounding and Bonding (and what he considers one of the most difficult and fun discussions). He also begins outlining Article 690 Part V: Grounding and Bonding Requirements.

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The video covers the following:

  1. Key NEC standards for grounding and bonding
  2. Overview of Article 250 as it relates to solar PV
  3. Article 690 – Part V on grounding and bonding requirements
  4. How grounding and bonding changes will impact system design and installation

Watch the Lesson Here

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Ryan Mayfield has been working in the renewable energy field since 1999 and is the President of Renewable Energy Associates, a consulting firm providing design, support and educational services for electrical contractors, architectural and engineering firms, manufacturers and government agencies. Ryan serves as Photovoltaic Systems Technical Editor for SolarPro Magazine, regularly writing feature articles in SolarPro and Home Power magazines, and wrote PV Design and Installation for Dummies. Ryan was also a contributor and video team member for Mike Holt’s Understanding the NEC Requirements for Solar Photovoltaic Systems. Ryan teaches various PV courses across the nation for electricians, existing solar professionals, code officials, inspectors and individuals looking to join the solar industry. Class topics include National Electrical Code and PV systems, residential and commercial PV systems.