Plumbing and hydronics expert, Dave Yates has mastered the outdoor reset curve: boosting the value of his work, maximizing fuel savings, and increasing the comfort of his clients’ home. He wants you to master it, too.

In this 60-minute free lecture, Dave uncovers everything you need to know to master the outdoor reset curve. He explains how to set up a reset curve, tailor it for any application, and present it to your customers in a way that will separate you from your competition.

You will learn:

  • How to integrate the outdoor reset curve into retrofit systems
  • Why an accurate heat loss calculation is the rock-solid foundation
  • Why measuring existing radiation reveals the ECV (Energy Conservation Value) potential
  • Why low-temperature systems have higher ECV
  • How to put it all together for peak performance, ECV, and ROI

Watch the free lecture here and enroll in the HeatSpring event Free Lecture: Mastering the Reset Curve to access all of the materials, including downloadable presentation slides, and the event discussion board. 

About Dave Yates: In February of 2014, Contractor Magazine named Dave  one of the most influential people in plumbing and hydronics by Contractor Magazine. Born and raised in York, Pa., Dave began his career in the PHVAC trades in 1972. After serving his apprenticeship and working up to Master Plumber status, Dave struck out on his own in 1979. In 1985, Dave returned to the company where he had served his apprentice years and purchased F.W. Behler, Inc., a third-generation PHVAC firm that is celebrating 114 years of service in 2014. Dave’s company has won numerous awards for its work and Dave was the first recipient of the international Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence. Dave Yates is an expert instructor at HeatSpring and will be teaching an advanced, 6-week online course Fundamentals of Radiant Design for the third time starting September 8th. The course is capped at 50 students with 30 discounts. Read the full course outline here.