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NYC Sets Precedent for Requiring Geothermal Certifications

The New York City Council recently passed local law 0609-A-2015 stating that all new city buildings or city-owned buildings undergoing a HVAC retrofit must use geothermal if the ‘geothermal system has the lowest net present value of all alternatives considered.’ This legislation is a big deal for designers and installers of geothermal projects because it requires a minimum […]

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HeatSpring’s Leaders in High Performance Building Giveaway!

At HeatSpring, we celebrate innovative builders and designers who work to improve the overall quality and performance of public and residential buildings…
Our Leaders in High Performance Building Giveaway was created for those who have helped plan, design, construct, and/or operate a high performance building. Entrants could submit a photo of their high performance project(s).* The photo could show the entire high performance building or […]

Bank Lending in Today’s Solar Climate – What You Need to Know

Christopher Lord, Managing Director of CapIron, Inc. and an instructor with HeatSpring, recently interviewed Andre Zaffuto, a lending officer focused on solar and other renewable energy opportunities for Bridge Bank. Lord talked with Zaffuto about bank lending in today’s solar climate.

Leverage on solar projects can greatly enhance the ability of sponsors to stretch their capital […]

Life Cycle of a Vertical Drilling Fluid

In this article, Brock Yordy, columnist for National Driller, outlines the life cycle of drilling fluids from creation to disposal. Brock teaches Drilling Fluids Management, a 6-week master class for industrial drilling companies.
Drilling fluids management is a term interpreted differently depending on the drilling project and local regulations. The proper interpretation of drilling fluids management is […]

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