In this free lecture, Stephen Peck, Founder & President of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, showcases and profiles Green Roof and Wall Awards of Excellence winners from the fall 2014 CitiesAlive conference, including inspiring, high-profile work that pushes the envelope with respect to rooftop farming, biophilic design, and ecological functionality (see photos below).

GHRC’s Green Roof and Wall Awards of Excellence acknowledge outstanding achievements in living architecture design and implementation. In recent years, the caliber of award-winning projects has increased dramatically, with previously unimaginable designs now being realized on a grand scale.

Free Lecture Learning Objectives

  • Discover the numerous ways living architecture is being integrated into the design of high- performance buildings
  • Learn how leading designers are optimizing their systems to provide multiple benefits to clients
  • Identify strategies for addressing issues that may arise in complex installations
  • Learn how innovative approaches to system design can result in projects that exceed client objectives

Enroll in the free lecture: Award-Winning Green Roof and Wall Projects: Design and Implementation to view the discussion board and access more detailed information about each award-winning project.

green roofs

award categories


Small Scale Residential – Kimball Ave. Green Roof (Chicago)



Special Recognition – Music City Center (Nashville)



Intensive Industrial/Commercial: Whole Foods Market (Lynnfield)



Extensive Residential – Silver City Townhomes (Milwaukee)



Extensive Industrial/Commercial – Midtown High Rise (New York City)


Exterior Green Wall – The Shoppes at Kingsbury Sq. (Chicago)


Extensive Institutional – NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center (La Jolla)

la jolla

Intensive Institutional – Eric Dutt Eco Center (New York City)


green roofs


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