Solar power energy is growing from a grassroots effort into a mainstream source of energy. What is causing this shift? The answer is almost everything. Here are a few key factors that are driving solar energy.

  1. Government: Globally, governments are supporting solar energy; jobs in this industry have grown in recent years. In Germany, solar energy has become cheaper than other forms of energy, like nuclear.
  2. Industry: Corporations like Google, Apple, and Walmart are adopting solar energy.
  3. Innovation: Companies are designing less expensive, more efficient solar panels and products. Since 2011, the cost of solar panels has declined 60 percent. Meanwhile, Tesla’s new solar battery gives homeowners more options for how they use the power their solar panels generate.

The Solar Demand

This infographic below by shows us why the solar energy industry is growing. As demand for energy continues to grow, more nations are turning to this renewable resource. Solar energy is an excellent energy option for developing countries that are located in remote regions with optimal access to sunlight but not much else. In the United States, solar energy is growing faster than any other form of green energy. This is partially thanks to government subsidies.

Who is demanding solar power? The U.S. government is pushing solar in a big way, with the Interior Department, the Defense Depart, and the Energy Department all on board, actively creating solar projects. Private businesses and consumers are also increasingly adopting solar energy.

Solar Careers Growing

Over 2.3 million solar jobs were created in 2013 worldwide, and 143,000 of them were right here in the United States. The demand for trained solar installation helpers, solar unit installers, and other types of solar professionals in the United States is driven by the continual growth of solar power in the energy sector as more people opt for solar power in their homes and businesses. With all of the support for solar energy, how can the industry help but grow? The real question is: Can enough personnel be trained to keep up with the demand?

Check out the infographic, “The Solar Demand,” to learn more:

solar demand