Still relying on pdf or hardcopies of LEED reference guides? This free lecture will introduce you to the powerful, interactive LEED v4 resources and tools available on the USGBC website, including the Green Building Information Gateway and the LEED Credit Library.

Learn More about LEED v4 Resources Today

In this free lecture Brenda Martens of aedify does a virtual tour of the resources and tools available for LEED v4, including LEED Online, and the explanation of one of the new materials credits. If you’re unfamiliar with this rating system, or what the USGBC has to offer then this is the lecture for you.

By the end of the lecture you will:

  • Understand the structure of v4 materials credits
  • Learn where to find out everything you need to know about v4
  • See how LEED Online works

leed v4


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