Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems use the sun to heat hot water. According to a recent SEPA study, the residential solar thermal market is a $123 billion dollar market. The commercial market is expected to grow by 20% per year.

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6,500+ Word Guide to Solar Water Heater Installation Best Practices

This is a guest post from Bob Ramlow, solar thermal expert and the teacher of our Solar Thermal Boot Camp. Bob’s next solar thermal training starts on September 30th. If you need to know exactly how to design, install and quote solar water heater system, this class if for you. Click here to sign up.

I asked Bob to write an article on best practices for commissioning solar thermal systems, but he quickly realized without proper understanding of installation best practices, commissioning doesn’t matter too much.


Best in Class Solar Thermal Monitoring: 50% Cheaper, 1/3 the Install time, No Moving Parts = Super Reliable

The Ohm by Sunnovations is a category killing, best in class, real time monitoring solution for residential solar thermal systems. If you think you’ve already looked into solar thermal monitoring and it’s too expensive, too complex and expensive to install, and not reliable enough, think again.

I’m constantly looking for technologies that will reduce risk for […]

POLICY ACTION ALERT MASSACHUSETTS: Help Needed with The Most Important Renewable Thermal Legislation in the Country

I’ve been working on an important renewable thermal (oil elimination!) policy issue in Massachusetts. We’re making a lot of progress but need help from industry. Read below for more detailed information.
We have a hearing on July 16th and NEED to get support for the bill. Here’s how you can help:
1 – Do you work in […]

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HeatSpring Launches “Ask An Expert” Services

Today’s we’re launching a quick and simple but important addition to our extensive library of free articles, white-papers, tools and free courses, and it’s called HeatSpring’s Ask An Expert service. The Ask an Expert service is for both clean energy professionals and property owners that need help with a very specific situations related to clean energy.

Our […]

[Free Boston Event] A Homeowners’ Guide to Investing in Renewable Energy

HeatSpring Magazine is often visited by renewable energy professionals, but we also get a fair share of readers that are 1) career changers, students, and people looking to start companies and 2) from property owners that are looking to invest in renewable energy and find us as a resource to understanding the technology.

Next week, we […]

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