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Used in Vaughan Woodruff’s Solar Approaches to Radiant Heating course.

Solar Approaches to Radiant Heating is for serious professionals with relevant experience. You’ll learn the latest, most advanced concepts for integrating solar with radiant heating systems. This course is self-paced (so you don’t have to be logged in at a particular time), but students work directly with Vaughan Woodruff to complete the lessons. Earn 1 IAPMO CEUs1 RPA CEUs!

Week 1 – Applications of Solar & Radiant

Week 2 – System Types and Stagnation

Week 3 – Techniques for Integrating Solar with Radiant

Week 4 – Code and Standards Considerations

Week 5 – Combisystem Economics

Week 6 – Capstone Project

What’s included in the free Solar Heating Basics Guide?

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  • Solar Thermal Diagnosis Best Practices: Learn how to use IR cameras to properly diagnose and commission solar thermal systems.
  • Solar Thermal Heat Metering Best Practices: Understand the best way to montior and measure solar thermal production for domestic hot water and heating applications.
  • Solar Thermal Field Inspection Guide: Learn the best practices for inspecting solar thermal projects

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About the Author, Vaughan Woodruff

Owner, Insource Renewables

Vaughan Woodruff owns Insource Renewables, a solar consulting firm in Pittsfield, ME. He is a NABCEP Certified Solar Heating Installer and serves on committees for NABCEP, IAPMO and IREC. Woodruff is a co-author of the NABCEP Solar Heating Installer Resource Guide and the author of NYSERDA’s Field Inspection Guidelines for Solar Heating Systems.