Please join us in congratulating David J. Goldstein, the first Genius Grant award recipient for 2021. David is an engineer and an entrepreneur. He has self-funded the development of a new HVAC solution that has potential to make multifamily housing more affordable while increasing occupant comfort and reducing CO2 emissions.

We learned of David’s work through the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), where he is a member. He won the grant because we admire his willingness to stick his neck out and solve a problem that nobody asked him to solve.

HeatSpring Genius Grants are cash payments with no strings attached. We recognize renewable energy professionals doing important work that might otherwise go unnoticed or overlooked. We want to reward and promote these people for their contributions to our industry.

We asked David to share some details and thoughts about his work. Below you’ll find his responses, along with some pictures and videos detailing his innovative HVAC solution – Hydronic Shell.

Why did you decide to apply for the Genius Grant?

David: I’ve started a new company that is developing a new category of HVAC system that will enable deep energy retrofits and electrification of existing multifamily buildings at the large scale necessary to meet ambitious CO2 reduction goals. It will also improve indoor environmental quality and affordability.

I’m currently funding the company through my own savings and financial support would be greatly beneficial. The publicity of winning this award would also be a huge boost towards gaining awareness within the industry and connecting with partners.

Why is your work important for the industry?

David: The industry needs to dramatically reduce emissions from existing buildings, but lacks solutions that are economically viable at the large scale necessary to have a meaningful impact. We are developing a new HVAC system that is design to directly address this challenge. It will be beneficial for building owners, as well as residents within the buildings that will see huge improvements in key areas, such as indoor air quality, comfort, and building aesthetics.

What do you hope to accomplish with Hydronic Shell over the next 1-3 years?

David: Our goal is to introduce a new category of facade-integrated HVAC system that will enable large-scale deep energy retrofits of multifamily buildings across the country, dramatically reducing CO2 emissions while improving occupant health and revitalizing the aesthetics of low-income communities. The Hydronic Shell will enable this transformation by harnessing the power of modern construction technologies, including prefabrication and modular assembly, that reduce cost, improve quality, minimize tenant disruption, and compress project schedules. As a society, we have everything we need to begin this transformation today. In the next 1-3 years we hope to complete our first demonstration projects in order to prove our technology to the world and begin deployment at the large-scale necessary.

Learn How Hydronic Shell Works

Genius Grant Update

We’ve received so many impressive applications for the 2021 Genius Award. It’s not possible for us to fund all of the incredible people who have worked so hard to innovate. We’re going to announce more winners in the weeks ahead and look for other ways to support those who don’t win.

Please continue to submit applications through the deadline of March 31st.

With sincere gratitude to all entrepreneurs and innovators,