Finding Success in Sustainable Building: A Case Study

In this case study, we discuss a sustainable building project, the importance of learning national and state energy codes/green building requirements and an overview of large scale initiatives currently taking place with alum Paul Correa.

Paul A. Correa is the Principal/Founder of California’s CPG Consultants, and has the following certifications: LEED AP, GreenPoint Rater, HERS Rater, BPI MFBA & BA, So-Cal Multifamily Energy Upgrade […]

New Free Lecture: “Integrative Design Process” With Bill Reed

Ever met Bill Reed? He’s a bit of a celebrity in the world of sustainable design. In this free lecture Bill demonstrates the integrative design process through a series of case studies.
Register at this link for complimentary access to Bill’s “Integrative Design Process”, including an hour of video, a PDF copy of the slides, additional […]