Minimize the Energy Your Building Needs with this new Free Tool

Download Ann Edminster’s Free Tool ‘Minimize the Energy Your Building Needs (Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet, Chapter 4)’
This chapter from Edminster’s award-winning, residential zero-energy primer covers key performance issues such as building geometry, enclosure design, comfort strategies and systems, and water heating. She also discusses how to prioritize investment in different features based on […]

Sustainable Building Advisor: Greywater Uses & Project ROI

On the Sustainable Building Advisor discussion board…
Expert instructor Ann Edminster discusses greywater uses and the often intangible, but very important ‘non-energy’ returns on investments.

Student 1: Has anyone heard of greywater solutions for dust mitigation? It is common in construction to have a water truck drive around a few times a day spraying potable water on the ground […]

Design Interventions for a Healthy & Happy Workplace

Are you happy at work?
Kirsten Ritchie, Director of Sustainable Design at Gensler, identifies 10 key health and happiness attributes prevalent in the workplace that affect personal productivity and, ultimately, the fiscal bottom line of a business. Kirsten provides suggestions for “Well Being” design interventions, used for creating both physically and mentally healthy spaces.

Activity: Enable stand-up meetings, open […]

Free Lectures: The Greenest Urban Building in the U.S. & The Largest HVAC Experiment

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“The Greenest Urban Building in the United States” & “The World’s Largest Side-by-Side HVAC Experiment”

The Greenest Urban Building in the United States
Remi Tan of KMD Stevens describes the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission LEED Platinum Headquarters in this new Free Lecture. Watch to learn about the costs, design […]

Free Lecture: ‘Real Zero’ Net Energy Homes

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In this free lecture, Bruce King discusses the faults of our current home construction elements and the industry shift toward “net zero” buildings. During the lecture, King addresses questions that often arise in the green building industry, including construction costs, materials, energy use, and the importance of evaluating supply chain when getting […]