There’s more to ecological building than doing less harm. In Carol’s free lecture, you’ll learn the ten things we human organisms crave from our surroundings so that you can create built environments that bring us back into harmony with the rest of nature – a crucial step in reviving the biosphere.
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This course is developed in partnership with the Sustainable Building Advisor.


About Carol Venolia

In my quest to understand how to have the best of nature and indoor living, I became an architect and spent over twenty years designing homes that nurture people and the planet via natural lighting, heating, and cooling and the joys of garden rooms. I also brought my insights to a wider audience by writing two books: Healing Environments: Your Guide to Indoor Well-Being (1988, Tenspeed/Celestial Arts), and Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House (Sterling/Lark, 2006, with Kelly Lerner). penning the “Design for Life” column in Natural Home & Garden Magazine for over 9 years; giving lectures and workshops all over North America; heading up a college program in Ecodwelling. Through these activities, I’ve learned a lot about people’s hunger for nature.

About Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA)

SBA logo transparentThe Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) is a certificate program with a longstanding reputation for depth and quality. Graduates are field-tested and possess a comprehensive understanding of sustainable building practice. The SBA is complementary to other industry credentials, like LEED AP, LEED GA, CGBC, CPHC, BPI, and HERS. Sustainable Building Advisors are architects, planners, builders, engineers, consultants, and building operators who value resilience, whole system thinking, and sustainable practices.

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