What good is a “Net-Zero” building if just the act of making it dumps a huge load of CO2 into the air? The urgency of climate disruption demands that we reduce impacts now, not slowly over the next 50 years. Here we will look beyond reducing operating energy to also reducing the effects of construction and material choices. This course was designed in partnership with Sustainable Building Advisor. 

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About Bruce King

Bruce is an engineer, author, and the founder and director of EBNet, an open, collaborative group of builders, scientists, architects and engineers that provides practical technical guidance for designing and constructing better buildings. Bruce and EBNet are currently organizing the BuildWell Symposium, a gathering of the world’s thought leaders in the field of green building materials.

About Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA)

SBA logo transparentThe Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) is a certificate program with a longstanding reputation for depth and quality. Graduates are field-tested and possess a comprehensive understanding of sustainable building practice. The SBA is complementary to other industry credentials, like LEED AP, LEED GA, CGBC, CPHC, BPI, and HERS. Sustainable Building Advisors are architects, planners, builders, engineers, consultants, and building operators who value resilience, whole system thinking, and sustainable practices.

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