Have you seen the new HeatSpring website? Our customers – you – grew up a lot these past fifteen years. Our new look is a reflection of how your needs have changed, and how we’ll support you during the next phase of industry growth.

What’s New?

  • Cleaner look. New colors, new logo, new vibe.
  • More transparency. Now you can see course ratings, video length, how recently the content was updated, and when the instructor is hosting the next live meeting. So it’s easier to find the classes you want to take.
  • Better code. We upgraded to the newest version of Rails 7 – including StimulusJS, Hotwire and TailwindCSS – and have moved our site to a new modernized database and hosting plan on Heroku. If you’re like me, those words don’t mean anything. Translation: unlike many of other sites, we can be super responsive to customer feedback and continuously make the platform better.

What’s Next?

The need for better approaches to designing, building, and living in the world is more acute than ever.

HeatSpring is a digital-first platform – run by real human beings -connecting companies and professionals to the experts, credentials, and community they need to level up.

We find and deliver value through partnerships. 

  • Working together with private companies, we help them pursue market opportunities and grow. An example of this is our longstanding partnership with Nexamp. We provide them with company discounts and training data to help their growing team take on more and bigger projects.
  • Working together with subject matter experts, we help them reach a bigger audience and focus on the work they love. An example of this is Sean White, a trainer who has dedicated his life to training as many solar installers around the world that he possibly can.
  • Working together with government and nonprofit organizations, we provide infrastructure and know-how to further their mission. An example of this is the Department of Energy, who uses HeatSpring to deliver their Solar Decathlon and Solar District Cup to the next generation of renewable energy professionals. 
  • Working together with industry professionals, we create learning communities that are accessible, affordable, and results-driven. An example of this is Ian Ricci, who learned to fly drones and grow his solar business.

If you have something that you want to learn or teach, please lean on us to help. That’s our whole job. We’ll tell you what we know and be honest about what we don’t.

Let’s Stay Curious

What will the world look like in 2050? As part of our rebranding process, we debated the role education and training will have in shaping the future.

Specific details about 2050 are hazy, but here’s what we hope for:

  • We hope you will have had a successful career
  • We hope regenerative technologies are the norm in all aspects of life and that our species has fallen into a more sustainable relationship with the earth. 
  • We hope learning is a part of everyone’s life, every day. And we hope to have played a hand in helping good ideas spread faster.

Let’s all stay curious. When we find a better way, let’s teach others. This is how we will unlock the next era of growth in our industry. And if HeatSpring can be your partner in that work, then we’re doing our job.

Let me know what you think of our new website. Suggestions for making it better? I’d love to hear from you.

On behalf of the HeatSpring team,

Brian – bhayden@heatspring.com or 800-393-2044 x1