Solar Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is key to a profitable renewable energy company. We write sales and marketing posts that teach companies how to find their first project, leverage their first projects into more projects, and how to find the best customer, and quote a job profitably.

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Innovative Financing Solutions that Get Solar Energy Projects Up and Running

A recent study by Deloitte demonstrated just how interested business owners are in going solar. The study, “Resources 2017 Study – Energy Management: Sustainability & Progress,” found that half of the businesses surveyed said they’re looking to procure more electricity from renewable energy. Yet, these renewable energy enthusiasts often fail to take action when faced […]

How Profitable Companies Offer More than Just Solar

Would you rather do $5 million in sales with a 20% profit or $10 million in sales with a 10% profit? And what if I said that the $5 million in sales wasn’t all from solar?

The most profitable way to grow and scale your business is most likely not from solar only sales. You see […]

Why Solar Companies Have Failed and What You Can Do About It

You’ve been there. Looking out at your competition, you wonder why they charge so little. And the next company seems to do the same. You feel tempted. Dropping your price. You want the next job.

This was the theme from 2009-2016+. Work at any expense. Stay busy. Focus on the top line- sales revenue. The bottom […]

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What is the Largest Opportunity in Energy by 2020 and How to Get Your Piece of It

You’re looking for the hottest trend. Newest product. Ways to wow and amaze your family and friends. You want to be a leader. A source of knowledge. An authority.

Little secret. You will be, as it relates to the energy business. But you’ll need to spend some time learning about the technology. The hardware. The software. […]

How Time of Use Rates Work

What do the prices of movie tickets to Hollywood’s latest blockbuster and the cost of energy in California have in common? First, in most theaters, you will find that ticket prices change based on the time of day you want to see your show. This is similar […]