The world’s most popular drone data platform is teaming up with HeatSpring to get more solar installers using drones. The new free course “How Drone Data Helps Solar Companies” is designed to help growing solar companies understand how other solar companies are using drone data to win.

Free Course: “How Drone Data Helps Solar Companies

Drones are the latest in a long line of innovation that has driven the cost of solar below what people thought was possible a decade ago.

Improvement in solar cell technology, economies of scale, innovative financial products, new software and policy have all played a role in the tremendous growth of the industry.

Drones decrease the cost and time of selling and maintaining solar projects.

DroneDeploy is the world’s #1 drone data platform with more than 150M acres mapped globally, 1M flights per year, and 5000+ customers in 100+ countries. Their enterprise drone software makes it simple to improve your operations with drone technology, from construction progress tracking, to land survey to roof measurements. They offer unlimited drone flying, mapping, storage, sharing and drone operations management.

Dr. Sean White is one of the best solar trainers in the world. Students love his positive energy and ability to make the most complex topics fun. Together they have created a resource that we hope you’ll enjoy and find value in.