With just under 10,000 students enrolled, HeatSpring’s free Introduction to Solar PV Design, Installation, and Code just got a major upgrade, courtesy of our amazing instructor – Sean White. If you’ve never taken a course with Sean, this is a great no-cost opportunity to learn from one of the most renowned instructors in the solar industry. 

So, what’s new?

More Current & Comprehensive Content

Sean has poured his expertise into updating the course content, ensuring you get the most current and comprehensive knowledge about solar PV systems. It’s like getting the greatest hits from his popular Solar PV Boot Camp + NABCEP Associate Exam Prep course – all the essential information you need, neatly packaged to learn in a quick and fun way.

In-Depth NABCEP Certification Insights

With the industry’s strong growth trajectory, solar workers are looking for ways to set themselves apart. Holding a NABCEP credential is one way to do that. In this course, Sean makes sure you understand them and puts into focus how you can obtain them yourself, helping build the confidence to tackle those exams head-on.

Entertaining and Engaging Learning

Learning technical information doesn’t have to be dull – as Sean’s students can tell you, it’s often quite entertaining. Sean has revamped the course to make it more exciting while also keeping it very concise. 


This free course also provides learners with one NABCEP CEU that can be applied to all NABCEP professional certifications and the PV Associate credential renewal.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of solar energy with us. With Sean White as your guide, you will learn something new and have fun while you’re doing it. 

Enroll in the Introduction to Solar PV Design, Installation, and Code course for free today!