The NABCEP PV Installation Professional (PVIP) Board Certification is considered the gold standard for PV professionals in the renewable energy industry.


A total of 58 Advanced PV Training Hours are required to sit for the PVIP exam. Of these hours, at least 40 hours must come from an an accredited institution (HeatSpring courses qualify). The remaining 18 hours can be from an accredited or non-accredited provider.

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NABCEP recognizes that professionals in the field of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies receive their training and work experiences in a variety of ways. NABCEP Staff will review each application to determine compliance with eligibility criteria. 

To qualify to sit for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional (PVIP) Certification Examination, every applicant, regardless of background, education or experience, will need to document:

  • Completion of a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA Outreach Training Program for the Construction Industry training (or provincial equivalent); AND 
  • Completion of at least 58 hours of advanced training
  • Completion of installations equaling at least 6 Project Credits Projects Credits are as follows: System size of 1 – 999kW = 2 Project Credits System size of 1MW and up = 3 Project Credits 

See the NABCEP Handbook to confirm all of these details and for more details about:

  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Experience Requirements
  • Documenting Experience
  • System Summary
  • Documenting System Installation
  • Documenting Decision-Making Role
  • Additional Information and Documentation 

Practice Exams

We offer NABCEP PV Installation Professional Practice Exams. By taking the practice exam, you will have the opportunity to become comfortable with the format of the exam.


HeatSpring will provide you with all of the documentation you need for your courses. To document training, the Applicant must submit a certificate of completion or a transcript for each completed advanced training program or course used to meet the minimum training requirements. All certificates of completion and transcripts must clearly state that the course covered subject matter directly relates to advanced PV installation or the National Electric Code (NEC). If the subject matter of the course is not clearly stated in the title, then the Applicant must provide a course outline or syllabus and a signed letter on letterhead from the training provider or instructor which details how many hours were spent covering the PVIP JTA or relevant codes.


A total of 30 Advanced PV Training Hours are required to maintain your PVIP certification and documentation must be submitted to NABCEP every 3 years for your certification renewal. These hours must fulfill specific sub-categories including: 6 NEC Hours, 12 JTA Hours, 2 Building and Fire Code Hours and up to 12 RE Elective Hours.