You can take a beginning PV course live from HeatSpring instructor Sean White, network with solar industry professionals, check out industry members’ exhibits and get your continuing education credits at the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Continuing Education Conference, Aug. 9-12 in Knoxville.

White, author of numerous books about solar and the 2014 Interstate Renewable Energy Council Trainer of the Year, will be teaching the NABCEP PV Associate Training course, live for the first time. 

“The conference is a great way to enter the industry full of steam,” says White. “You can go to the conference and get your PV associate training. And you’ll see how NABCEP works and meet the people that run NABCEP.”

Training in NEC and Fire Code for Energy Storage 

Also attending the conference will be Brian Hayden, founder and partner at HeatSpring  and lecturer at the University of Michigan’s Center for Entrepreneurship. HeatSpring instructors Justine Sanchez and Ryan Mayfield will also offer classes. Mayfield is offering a full-day event about the National Electrical Code and Sanchez will provide a 90-minute presentation on electrical and fire codes for energy storage systems.

NABCEP offers eight certifications, and will be offering six of those during the conference, says Sue McKeen, business manager for NABCEP. 

Attendees come to get their continuing education credits, to network and to see the exhibitors’ new products, she says.

Training Classes & Roundtable Discussions

The conference includes more than 60 training classes, most of them advanced training. Also featured will be 20-minute roundtable discussions led by nine different companies. Each discussion will focus on industry best practices related to installation, programming, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NABCEP cancelled the in-person conference and held a 3-week virtual conference. That meant exhibitors who intended to announce new products weren’t able to do so in person, says Keen.  

This year, attendees can expect to see products displayed that range from inverters to solar panels and battery companies, adds White. 

While Knoxville has no COVID-19 restrictions in place, NABCEP plans to take some precautions to prevent the possible spread of COVID, says Keen. The details are not yet finalized.

Meet the People in the PV Industry

White says a main advantage of attending the conference–aside from learning the basics of PV through his course–is to meet “the hardcore people in the industry.”

Another exciting feature, for White, is meeting students in person. 

“HeatSpring is all virtual, it’s unusual for us to do courses live, although that’s the way HeatSpring started,” says White. “‘I’m excited about meeting people in person.”

Apparently so are the attendees. Already the conference has more people than normal registered, says Keen. The conference features more than 70 exhibitors and networking opportunities with company executives, educators, consultants and developers. Entertainment includes meals, a welcome reception, a networking reception and prizes.

Learn more and register at NABCEP 2021 Continuing Education Conference.