There’s no shortage of challenges and opportunities when launching a brand new solar company.  Building a brand and reputation from scratch certainly can be one of the most daunting tasks for new business owners. Join Gustavo Arce as he shares a few tips and tricks that worked for him when he helped to launch a brand new solar installation business based in Atlanta that jumped from nothing to $500,000 in revenue in its first year. 

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The first deal is always going to be the hardest deal because you have essentially no record. There is almost no history of doing the job. So in the first year of working with the organization, it took us three months of continuous, no, no, and nos to get to our first yes.

And one of those people we did meet at an electric vehicle meetup event. That’s the first step, to try to get your first guess is to find the niches – and sponsor those events or just be part of that community. Those are going to be your first yeses. 

What you do with the complete projects is where the whole marketing strategy, I believe, starts to take effect.

With every project that you do complete, you at least want to make five to six different pieces of content. That’d be a two-minute YouTube video. That’d be a three-minute YouTube video. You essentially want to offer as much “value-tainment” as possible, “edu-tainment” as possible. So educational-entertainment material where people are going to be allocating their attention to.

And the second quote, I always live by, especially in the marketing world, is “where attention is, money/revenue follows”. If you display that you’re an expert in the solar field with your history and also your knowledge of the overall products that are in the industry, people will listen and people will be more inclined to make a purchase from you. 

That’s important because the majority of people who search for something solar go to Google. And again, because YouTube is owned by Google, the more videos and the more keywords that you’re able to provide on YouTube, it’s going to naturally gravitate you towards that first or second page of Google.