Solar legend Bill Brooks has partnered with HeatSpring instructor Sean White to prepare new materials for some of White’s courses that train students to take NABCEP exams.

Brooks, who calls himself an ambassador for solar technology, is an engineer with more than 30 years of experience designing, installing and evaluating grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

More than 15,000 installers and inspectors internationally have attended his courses about PV and energy storage systems. He often teaches or writes along with White, who has authored four books about solar energy that are often used to prepare students for NABCEP exams.

Course Materials Include Lectures by Two Experts

The course materials include lecture videos from White and featuring material from Brooks.

While much of the information from Brooks will be available in the more advanced 40-Hour NABCEP Advanced PV Certification Training and CEUs course, White will soon add information from Brooks to the beginner class, Solar PV Boot Camp + NABCEP PV Associate Exam Prep course.

Designed for anyone in the solar industry–including engineers, designers, inspectors, sales people, solar installers and company executives–the boot camp course equips students to pass the NABCEP PV Associate exam.

“I give them what they need to pass the exam and not a ton of extra material that is not relevant for passing the exam. I give them the material in the most painless way possible,” says White, the 2014 Interstate Renewable Energy Council Trainer of the Year and author of a book that’s the industry standard for studying for the NABCEP associate exam.

Making the Boot Camp Course as Simple as Possible

White and Brooks are experts at informing people about the technical details of solar. But for the boot camp course, White focuses on making the information as simple as possible–especially for students who don’t have experience in the industry.

It’s not necessary to have job experience to take the associate exam, notes White. The other NABCEP certification exams, on the other hand, require experience. White prepares students for the more advanced exam with his 40-hour NABCEP Advanced PV Certification Training and CEUs course. That will include material from Brooks, who co-authored the NABCEP Resource Guide, and has been involved with NABCEP for a long time.

Taking the beginning level boot camp course helps students give their career and income in the solar industry a boost, says White. It also is a stepping stone to taking the more advanced course and exam.

“Passing the exam proves that you understand energy, power, voltage and current. Anyone in the solar industry should understand the basics,” White says. “There’s no excuse not to take the exam.”

Students Double Their Salary Within a Year

Once White’s bootcamp students pass the NABCEP associate exam, their salary generally doubles within a year. Once they pass the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification exam, their salary will double again, he says.

The boot camp course includes practice exams and, like all HeatSpring courses, gives students access to the material for a year, which allows them to go back and review the information or see how the course has changed, says White.

Recently, the test taking experience improved. Now students can take the test at centers located all over the world and receive results immediately. That eliminates all the stress of waiting for results.

“The boot camp course is good for anyone in the solar industry,” says White. “After taking the course, anybody who studies hard for a week can get the NABCEP associate credential. We guarantee it!” Over 97% of HeatSpring students who take the NABCEP PV Associate exam pass. If you don’t pass after taking the course, HeatSpring will refund the $150 exam fee or let you take the exam again at no additional charge. 

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