As a part of HeatSpring’s free Solar Career Pathways course, professionals from across the solar industry share an inside look at their careers through short interviews. Professionals talk about the details of what their jobs entail, their day-to-day activities, how they got there, and advice for those looking to follow a similar path. 

Recently, we sat down with Osei David Andrews Hutchinson, the COO of Sẽsẽnergi, a renewable energy ecosystem development corporation. Sẽsẽnergi focuses on two main areas: education of their clients and communities, particularly those historically left out of the energy conversation, and working on projects that solve energy challenges for clients in unique ways. 

In this short clip, Osei shares the story behind the company’s name and how it reflects their mission to empower people and communities through clean energy. He also offers valuable advice for those interested in starting their clean energy careers.

You can learn much more about Osei, his career journey, and Sẽsẽnergi by tuning into to the extended interview in the free Solar Career Pathways course.

Osei: Sẽsẽnergi Eco Solutions Enterprise. If you put all that together in the acronym, it’s SESE.  you like that, right? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Sese actually is a word from the Ewe language, out of Ghana. And Ewe is one of the languages spoken in Ghana by a group of people there and actually our CEO, Senyo Ador is Ewe and he brought that to us as a way to look at how we can look at ourselves as a company.

Sese means empower, to give power to, so we see that, say that our company is to give power to energy and give energy and that power of energy to our community, to our people, to people in general. So that’s the spirit of who we are as a company.

Brit:  If anybody has been listening to this call, and they’re wanting to help lead a company that’s doing really great community, good work and energy transition work, what advice would you leave for them?

Osei: The reality is, this is here. This new age of energy is here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. And the reality is we do not have enough people to fill the slots that are needed to prepare our country and the world for the new energy,

I’ll call it revolution.  So  we’re trying to find folks all the time and we don’t want to hear any excuses about we can’t find the people they’re here. So I guess  the bottom line is if you’re interested.  Don’t stop looking. Don’t stop asking.  get hungry,  for lack of a better term,  be,  don’t, be afraid to ask the questions.

we say that, and we’re gonna start our classes off. There’s no question that’s a stupid question. And there’s no issue that’s a dumb issue. And and we mean that very sincerely again from that wraparound perspective, because we want all of our folks in our cohorts to finish the cohort and take the test.