Total global solar installed capacity is expected to reach 2.2 terawatts by 2030, which means the solar O&M sector will be continuing to rapidly grow to keep pace.  According to research from Wood Mackenzie cited in Solar Builder Magazine, the 2030 projected market opportunity is $15 billion – a nearly fourfold increase on 2020 figures – with the United States accounting for $3.5 billion of the total.

Organizations throughout the industry are pushing to innovate quickly to support this explosive growth. Enter solar performance management company – Denowatts.

Denowatts was founded by solar industry veteran Dan Leary to streamline performance management by replacing outdated methods and pave the way for the solar industry to scale up to new levels using advanced digital technology. 

What challenges are being solved by Denowatts?

The solar industry is rapidly growing and inefficient. Performance management practices are weighing down on the owners and operators of this industry. The mission at Denowatts is to streamline performance management and analysis by providing the ultimate benchmark for solar projects. 

How do they provide the ultimate benchmark, you ask? They have developed new, advanced benchmarking technology, called digital twin benchmarking. It starts with a reimagined weather station device and ends with a real-time modeled and learned simulation to measure expected performance. 

This includes Deno sensors that are wireless and self-powered, which make for an easy deployment. This technology also uses a restructured data processing architecture, and they apply internet of things practices that have not yet been deployed in the solar industry. 

Additionally, Denowatts leverages automated intelligence and machine learning that develops asset operating profiles to help identify outages and problems or opportunities given the data collected. This technology uses business intelligence to extract insight from the data that allow owners and operators for easier and faster decision making.

In 2020, Denowatts earned ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Laboratory Accreditation for calibrating Deno sensors and in 2021 was the first in the world to attain ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Laboratory Accreditation for photovoltaic capacity testing. This accreditation is the single most important standard for calibration laboratories in the world. What this means is that Denowatts has demonstrated to an independent accreditation body the ability to repeatedly produce accurate calibrations. This IEC accreditation brings the highest level of calibration to performance benchmarking.

This accreditation also certifies Denowatts for capacity testing. Capacity testing is a crucial part of new solar system construction as it essentially tests if the system was built correctly and is producing energy as it is expected to. 

With the addition of the Denowatts Installer Certification Training on HeatSpring, students will be able to  learn about the Denowatts technology and how to properly install it. At the completion of this course, students will test their knowledge and become a certified installer. 

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