New Course Update: A new course, 10-Hour Energy Storage 2020 NEC Class, taught by Sean White is HeatSpring’s current course that covers energy storage and the NEC. (Updated July 2022)

Check out this new short course from Justine Sanchez and the team at Mayfield Renewables: NEC 2017 & 2020 Solar + Storage Requirements is approved for 2 NABCEP Credits. It’s the first in an eight-part solar plus storage series that will drop over the next several months.

Here’s why this is so important:

  • Energy storage is a hot topic and an important industry trend with a wide knowledge gap 
  • Energy storage technology and codes change frequently 
  • Mayfield Renewables as a company has 15 years of PV design experience and Justine has been teaching/writing curriculum on PV and energy storage for decades 
  • Together, we use our experience and expertise to build high-quality workshops to help people in the industry get up to speed and stay ahead of the curve on solar+storage
  • Our courses are relevant for system designers, as well as project managers, installers, and sales staff
  • Every course we offer counts towards NABCEP credits

In short, the majority of solar systems that are installed from here on out will likely integrate some form of energy storage. We have subject matter experts in that field, and we want to empower solar contractors with our knowledge and experience so they can move forward confidently as the industry naturally shifts from just “solar” to become “solar+storage”

NEC 2017 & 2020 Solar + Storage Requirements is a bite-sized version of the ambitious new workshop series the Mayfield Renewables team launched for 2021. If your team has time to take the full plunge we encourage you to check it out. For those interested in getting some great information on their own time, these short courses will be great.

As always, ask questions if you’ve got them. We exist to help your team win and succeed in more projects. 2021 is the year we tackle solar plus storage in a big way.

Image credit: Mayfield Renewables