If you’re ready for a deep-dive into Commissioning (Cx), Khaled Yousef is ready to give it to you. He’s teaching a one (full) day commissioning course on March 18th.

This course has been evaluated and approved by the Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc. (PIE) for compliance with the New York State Mandatory Continuing Education requirements for Professional Engineers. It’s approved for: 8.0 PDH (Professional Development Hours). 

As Khaled says, “it does not matter if you are commissioning (Cx) a $500 hydraulic chair or a $500 million solar installation or a nuclear submarine, the commissioning steps are basically the same.  Obviously, what matters is the individual system details, but my course teaches the proper process for proper commissioning that can be used for a wide variety of renewable energy projects, building types, and other related systems and projects to produce successful, reliable and energy efficient system operation for the life of the project and customer investment”.

Who is this course for?

Design engineers, technicians, facilities managers, construction contractors, consultants, construction managers, project managers, architects, specialty MEP equipment vendors; in addition to other professionals like Scientists, R&D researchers supporting testing and demonstration projects, and energy and climate policy makers, who all are interested in seriously enhancing their knowledge and exposure to a broad spectrum of commissioning procedures supporting a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities and master energy and environmental plans in need of a wide range of commissioning types to achieve desired goals. 

A recorded version will be available afterwards for everyone who enrolls.  The recording will also be offered to others registering after the 3/18/2022 live event date, but with no PDH credits as PDH requires a live interaction via the Q/A section of Web based platform.

$100 discounts are available to anyone who works and/or resides in NY State (regardless of their PE License status), or anyone anywhere who does not need the PDH hours.  To get the discount email “info@heatspring.com”.

We’re proud to offer this new commissioning course and hope you’ll check it out.