Every business needs some digital marketing component to stay competitive. Digital marketing allows for businesses to reach wider audiences while building trust and credibility in cost effective ways. Join Melanie Kelly, VP of Marketing at Pivot Energy, as she shares some of the basics of content marketing and what has worked for Pivot like their highly successful Youtube channel, Going Solar with Pivot Energy.

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Content marketing is a strategy that involves creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to a defined audience. It can help businesses build brand awareness, establish thought leadership, improve your SEO, drive conversions, and generate leads. 

We do a lot of YouTube and a lot of blogs, so they’re all integrated too. The blogs are also videos. For the people that are watching those and subscribing to those, we have email drip campaigns that follow within that specific target.

The other really important piece of targeting and content in any sort of digital strategy is that you need to be able to provide value to your target. So this worked for us, because we understood who we were going after and what their pain points were.

And so our content really centers around how do we help them solve these problems? How do we help them get over some specific hurdles? The better you understand your audience and what they value, the more likely they could convert. 

You also need to be able to measure all of this.

You’re never going to know if it’s working or not, unless you have your analytics set up correctly unless you know what your goals are. That’s a really important thing. 

So setting your goal, analyzing those, and then consistently seeing how your target shifts because people are finicky and they might value something really strongly one year, and maybe they’ve shifted to something else, but it’s still within your realm to solve that problem.