UL 3741: Photovoltaic Hazard Control and the 1000V System

This is part 2 of Sean White’s explanation of UL 3741, also known as photovoltaic hazard control and otherwise known as rapid shutdown. The UL 3741 listing came out in 2020 and it takes time for manufacturers to come up with and list products and systems. 

Surprisingly, a few months ago SMA came out with a […]

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New Course – Selling & Developing Commercial-Industrial Solar

More businesses than ever are seeking out solar energy. The reasons and benefits are seemingly endless. The Inflation Reduction Act is bolstering incentives. The rising cost of electricity is making onsite solar a more attractive investment. Consumers are preferring more environmentally conscious brands. Companies are looking to demonstrate their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) […]

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Construction & Project Managers: Demand is High, Supply is Low

Chris Lord helps put together and finance large solar projects. From that vantage point he’s able to see where bottlenecks are in the industry. Recently Chris was telling me how hard it is to find experienced construction and project managers for his solar projects. I asked him to explain.

You talked a little bit about construction […]

What are the biggest deal breakers when it comes to large scale solar projects? – Ask an Expert

In the Ask an Expert series, HeatSpring instructors and industry thought leaders answer a question on the minds of the HeatSpring community. We are joined by Dylan Reitenbach, Project Manager at a national solar developer and financier. 

In this session, Dylan answers the question – what are the biggest deal breakers when it comes to large […]

How Does a Solar Project Dealmaker Spend His Time?

“Solar Project Dealmaker” is the best way to describe Chris Lord. He’s a lawyer, financial modeler, and builder of project teams. Hearing about his work helps you understand how big solar projects happen.

Below you’ll hear about a few projects Chris is working on right now. The clips are really short. They’ll help you visualize the […]