Biomass Heating

Biomass thermal energy is the use of biomass for space and domestic water heating, process heat, and the thermal portion of combined heat and power.

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Free 65 Minute Lecture on Biomass Thermal Storage + Free Invitation to Maine Alternative Energy Expo 2014

Interphase Energy, a Maine-based leader in supplying central pellet heating equipment throughout North America, is hosting Alternative Energy Expo 2014 at their Portland, Maine facility this Friday, September 12th, 2014 from 2:00 – 8:00 p.m. EDT. Free to the public, the expo will showcase a variety of alternative energy organizations providing information and demonstrations as well […]

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5 Ways the Biomass Heating Industry is Laying the Foundation for Explosive Growth

At HeatSpring, we connect and build communities of learners and experts. Sharing knowledge is our passion. We collaborate with people in technical, complex industries to develop awareness, inspire creative ingenuity, and push boundaries. Most recently, we’ve focused on the biomass energy heating industry.
To get a pulse for what’s happening in the industry, we connected with […]

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Designing Wood Gasification Boiler Protection Systems: T & ∆T Pumping: An application that leverage both strategies

This is a guest article from John Siegenthaler. In the fall, John is teaching an advanced design course on Hydronic-Based Biomass Heating Systems. This is the most advanced and technically challenging biomass design course that you’ll find anywhere. The capstone project for the class will be designing a system and getting it reviewed by John. […]

John Siegenthaler, Biomass Thermal Energy Council, and HeatSpring Launch Hydronic-Based Biomass Design Course

Hydronics expert John Siegenthaler, the Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC), and the online technical training experts at HeatSpring have teamed up to launch a 10-week online course: Hydronic-Based Biomass Design.
The course starts on September 15th. The course is capped at 50 students but we provide 30 discounted seats for those that sign up early. Click […]

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5+ Trends that will Drive the Growth of the Hydronic Industry in the Next 3 Years: A 30-Minute Conversion with John Siegenthaler

There are a variety of forces changing the dynamics of the hydronic heating and renewable thermal industries that were not happening five years ago. While hydronic distribution is still attractive for similar technical reasons that it was five years ago—comfort, air quality, etc.— there are a host of new trends that can have the ability […]