Hydronics expert John Siegenthaler, the Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC), and the online technical training experts at HeatSpring have teamed up to launch a 10-week online course: Hydronic-Based Biomass Design.

The course starts on September 15th. The course is capped at 50 students but we provide 30 discounted seats for those that sign up early. Click here to read more about the course and reserve your (substantial) discount.

The Hydronic-Based Biomass Design course is technical, rigorous, and challenging. It’s the most intense 10-week course on hydronic based biomass heating system design that you’ll find on the market.

With increasing fuel costs, the very low cost of biomass as source of fuel, and more state policy support for biomass heating systems, the demand for biomass-based heating systems is steadily increasing.

We’ve developed this course for professionals who see biomass heating as a large growth opportunity and the future of their business. The course will be useful for business owners, salespeople, engineers, plumbing contractors, HVAC contractors, and project managers who need to understand how to design, sell, quote, and install biomass-based hydronic heating systems in residential and commercial applications for both new construction and retrofits.

Graduates of the Biomass and Hydronic Design course will understand:

  1. The best applications for biomass-based heating systems

  2. How biomass-based heating systems differ from traditional heat sources

  3. How to select the best equipment and distribution system for a given application

  4. Boiler sizing and distribution strategies

  5. How to calculate installed costs and operating costs and how to communicate this to the customer

Course Outline

  • WEEK 1 – When should a wood fueled boiler system be considered?

  • WEEK 2 – Energy in Wood

  • WEEK 3 – Why High Efficiency Wood Combustion is Important

  • WEEK 4 – Why Hydronic Heat Delivery is Important

  • WEEK 5 – Operating Characteristics of Wood Gasification Boilers

  • WEEK 6 – Operating Characteristics of Pellet-Fuel Boilers

  • WEEK 7 – Operating Characteristics of Wood Chip Boilers

  • WEEK 8 – Pellet and Wood Chip Storage & Conveyance Options

  • WEEK 9 – Modern “Building Blocks” for Low Temperature Hydronic Systems

  • WEEK 10 – Example Systems & Putting it All Together