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The Top Challenges with Technical Qualification for Commercial Solar Projects

This article will provide a snapshot of the current technical challenges that engineers and project managers face with the technical qualification of solar projects.

Project qualification is a critical part of the commercial solar sales process. It’s where sales, technical skills, and finance all overlap.

From the investor due diligence perspective, there are a number of key […]

Free Solar Tool: You Need to Teach Homeowners How to Compare Proposals

Residential solar sales still needs a lot of work, especially around the presentation and education of the information in proposals given to homeowners. Fortunately, we can make this better by reducing the amount of paperwork and actually helping homeowners make comparisons between proposals.
I have a friend in Somerville, MA who is looking to put solar […]

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Solar Leases vs. Solar Loans vs. Utility Rates vs. Cash Purchase

(Used with permission. Source: http://cinnamonsolar.com/about-us/lease-borrow-or-buy/)

The graph above is one of my favorites about the residential solar industry. It explains exactly why residential solar leasing is dying.

It was created by Barry Cinnamon from Cinnamon Solar as a sales tool for his residential solar business in California. In the interview below, I chatted with Barry about why […]

[Interview] Lessons Learned Developing Community Solar in Washington State

(Source: Joe Deets from Community Solar Solutions. Used with permission)

Today, I have a great interview for you community solar development lessons learned.

I spoke with Joe Deets from Community Solar Solutions in Washington State. Joe was responsible for lobbying in the state of Washington for a community solar bill and has developed a number of community […]

Part 3 – Step-by-Step Process for Screening Land for Solar Development

This is the third article in a three-part series about outlining the process for purchasing land with the intent to lease it to a solar developer. This is a personal project, but I felt it would be fun and appropriate to share the story with HeatSpring readers.

Part 1 focuses on investment criteria and a basic […]