Laura Allen, co-founder of Greywater Action, is launching an Advanced Greywater Design course on the HeatSpring platform this August. Initial students helping to launch this new, in-depth course will receive 50% off the course enrollment when they register before June 30th. Simply use the discount code “greywatersupporter” when enrolling. 

Students will learn how to tap into greywater for your home or how to offer this service to your clients. Students will learn about how popular greywater systems work, how to build code-compliant greywater systems, calculations to properly design greywater systems, soil testing, health and safety considerations, and much more.

As drought is affecting more people and local water restrictions are tightening, the demand for greywater systems will continue to increase and become more mainstream. Some municipalities are even requiring greywater on new construction.

Help your clients access the benefits of greywater by developing your own greywater design knowledge. Enroll today with “greywatersupporter” discount code to get 50% off the enrollment price!